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Miss Lupun Miss Lupun - Riddle
Miss Lupun, the numbers game from ancient Egypt, offers great riddle-solving entertainment. Whether you are a math genius or a math nerd, whether you are a school kid or a senior: Miss Lupun excites everybody. By using addition and subtraction, Miss Lupun trains logical and analytical thinking and becomes a refreshing brain-teaser for all age groups. Those who like Sudoku will love Miss Lupun.

A word of caution, however, Miss Lupun is addictive!

Solve the 100 hand-picked riddles of Miss Lupun in 5 levels of difficulty.


  • Efficient touch & drag
  • 5 levels of difficulty
  • Special time management
  • Are you a genius?
  • Comparison of 4 profiles
  • Pre-defined profiles of mathematicians
  • Personal statistics
  • Great on all iPhones and iPod Touch
Miss Lupun auf dem iPhone
Visit www.misslupun.com. There you find detailed informationen, the rules and examples.

Miss Lupun was extensively tested. In the case that it does not work properly for you, please inform us about that. We take care about it and if necessary we might produce a new software version, which will be of course free for updaters.


App Store
Miss Lupun is available on the iTunes App Store.